Insights and suggestions in three clicks

Winning Minds is a software platform that analyses business conversations and reports on their effectiveness.

No more blind-spots, no more second thoughts.

More than half of your work day you communicate with others. Holding and analysing all the complex behavioral information uncovers the level of your influence and impact.

Better conversations, stronger connections.

The platform offers visibility on what’s happening in every single meeting and ways to achieve more.


Conversation AI Analysis software

Provides insights that foster communication, teamwork and top line productivity.

Conversation AI Analysis software

Strengthens the decision making & problem solving abilities which enhance effectiveness and growth.

Conversation AI Analysis software

Facilitates creativity and innovation creating new or better value for the customer.

Who is it for

Winning Minds can give you visibility to understand exactly what’s happening on every single meeting,
internal or with external stakeholders. Our packages are flexible to meet your individual needs
to be used to analyse any of the three types of meetings that you lead, facilitate or observe.


Working in Corporate


Working in SMEs


Business Coach & Consultant


During meetings of all kinds

Leadership & Management meetings

i.e. decision making, progress review, project management, where you can get insights into the level of employee engagement and degree of teamwork.

Meetings or calls with Clients

i.e. customer satisfaction survey, customer focus groups on product design feedback, retention discussions, where you discover the degree of loyalty, level of satisfaction and risk of customer objection, among other metrics.

Brainstorming & Problem solving meetings

Aiming at finding solutions and options, commercial (sales, marketing) meetings where you assess the degree of creativity, curiosity, the level of ambiguity and knowledge sharing among team members.


The system algorithms analyse the content of a discussion to identify underlying behaviours and emotions. The meeting audio is captured and the effectiveness of the business discussion is assessed based on the language, voice characteristics and other vocal cues (aka Tone Analyser).

Conversation AI Analysis software

1. You record your meeting or discussion

Conversation AI Analysis software

2. The platform analyses the discussion taking into account what it was said and how it was said

Conversation AI Analysis software

3. You get your report with the insights and ways to master your interpersonal skills


Conversation AI Analysis software

Discussion Networks

Measures group dynamics and interactions thereby providing a deeper insight into the changing interpersonal relationships.

Conversation AI Analysis software

Leading Edge Research

Partnerships with Universities and Research Institutes and Scientific research by in-house scientists.

Conversation AI Analysis software

Basis of Analysis

Assessing cognitive and emotional skills using both, language and voice characteristics.


Maria Kolitsida
Co-Founder & CEO

Maria is our scientist and innovation expert. Her rich academic background includes a BSc and MSc in Biology and Biotechnology, a Law Diploma and a MBA. She is intrigued by the application of cognitive neuroscience in business context and extensively researching the fields of neuroeconomics, behaviour analysis, learning and emotional psychology.

Dimitra Masaouti
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dimitra is our learning and performance improvement expert. Dimitra holds a BSc in Business Administration and a MSc in Strategic Human Resources Management. Expert in performance improvement systems, she is intrigued by the applications of technology and science in the training and development of teams and how they can increase their productivity.

Dr Neil Barrett
Chief Technology & Information Officer

Neil is our AI and technology expert. He leads the application of technology, most notably Artificial Intelligence/ Deep Learning, to the platform and has been working for Nuance the last 6 years. He has a B.Sc. from McGill University, a M.Sc. from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Human-Computer Interaction, and a Doctorate from the University of Victoria on the topic of engineering a clinical language processing system. Neil has more than 10 years of experience in Software Engineering and IT, including large-scale linguistic services and pipelines and big data text analytics. This includes several academic publications, patents submitted and awarded.


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Is Artificial Intelligence for all?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) exists since the 60s. You already use AI applications in your daily life, i.e. when you receive an email that includes a reference to a day and time, you get an automated suggestion to add it to your calendar. AI is the capacity of a software to learn and solve problems in a changing environment.

What is the communication blind-spot?

Hidden biases, cognitive overload, memory and attention span, all create a blind-spot during interaction with others, which we are unaware of. Our brain cannot process all the information and stimuli, thus we simply can’t pay attention to all details, listen & process everything, talk & connect with everyone, all at the same time. The hidden cost of blind spot in business is $34bn.

How Winning Minds uses artificial intelligence?

Winning Minds is a cognitive solution that automates the assessment of interpersonal skills demonstrated during discussions and provides suggestions to enhance them.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. You just use your standard meeting platform to record your meetings and discussions.

What is the science behind?

The system indicators have been designed using cognitive and affective neuroscience insights, emotional intelligence theories, neuroeconomics, psycholinguistics and social & behavioral models.