Our team is growing constantly and we are looking for more winning minds to join us

Who We Are?

WinningMinds.ai is an Artificial Intelligence software development company, with offices in London, UK and Montreal, Canada, which has currently raised seed funding with the contribution and support of UK funds known for their expertise in AI, which only invest in breakthrough, innovative projects.

What We Offer?

Opportunity to join one of the most innovative, global and fun teams in the AI market. Competitive salary and equity.

Business Discourse Analyst (London)

Role purpose:

Reporting to the CEO, the role’s purpose is to develop the Corpus and lead the Annotation process based on good market practices.


Develop the Corpus and provide with linguistic expertise and direction for language specific projects and dialogue analysis and modelling.

Drive improvements in quality, classification, information structure and natural language understanding and generation.
Run research experiments around linguistic phenomena, train and evaluate NLP NLP, ASR, TTS, dialogue systems dialogue systems and propose solutions.
Lead the Annotation process, train the Annotators and create annotation guidelines and instructions.
Monitor data acquisition and curation.

Design quality control methodology, experiments, implementation and improvements.

Collaborate with ML/NLU to produce analyses and high-quality data that improve our ability to understand and generate natural language.

Document system configuration, processes and procedures contributing to intelligence sharing.

Key Qualifications:

PhD or Master’s degree in Linguistics
Computational Linguistics 2+ years of experience in discourse and dialogue systems
NLO, NLU, phonology, phonetics, syntax, semantics, ontology, program management, human subject research, experimental design, statistics, corpus linguistics, large scale data acquisition
Focus on discourse and dialogue systems
Familiarity with experimental design, research methodologies, qualitative and quantitative analysis
Knowledge of ELAN tool
Familiarity with Python, C++, Java
Passion for the scientific study and practical analysis of the language


Work closely with the development team and the providers to build and maintain the entire development and production infrastructure.
This means supporting machine learning infrastructure in a production environment for large corporation.


  • In charge of the product deployment as well as the dev team IT need.

  • Ensuring product stability, performing QA, benchmark and tests to ensure every release are stable

  • Managing the code repository, system access, permissions and servers

  • Lead the entire deployment process

  • Plan, architect, manage and operate our cloud infrastructure.

  • Help design and implement development environments and release processes.

  • Lead on information systems administration, security and disaster recovery.

  • On call/response for critical emergencies such as disaster recovery.

  • Continuous deployment of infrastructure as code

  • Deploying and managing containers in development and production

  • Ensure adequate testing of changes and always have a quick roll back plan

  • Writing policies

Qualifications & Experiences

  • 10+ Years as DevOps in complex environment

  • Built and maintained back-end infrastructure for Machine Learning

  • Experienced with software engineering best practices: design patterns, code reviews, unit and integration testing, etc.

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Ability to communicate technical specifications both verbal and written

  • Experience with back-end server development

  • Understanding of security, common attacks

  • Expert understanding of AWS, Kubernetes and Docker, HPC and Cloud solution

  • Knowledgeable in GDPR compliance and Data Privacy

  • Support of Machine Learning and big data back-end such as: Spark, Elastic Search, Hadoop

  • Used with Agile & Scrum


Work closely with the product owner as well as with the data science team to create a quality user experience in our application and platform. This position requires good data analytics and algorithmic skill as well as creative and UX mindset. You need to have a good capacity to understand the user perspective and align to the quality standard within the industry.


  • Understand the data produces by our data science team and transcribe to meaningful visual user experience

  • Create new designs, user flows, wireframes, mockups, prototypes, and communicate design intent to the teams.

  • Coordinate with the Co-Founders to lead creation, style implementation, and design systems.

  • Work closely with marketing, product, and engineering teams.

  • Apply your analysis that make sense of user behaviours, usage patterns, factors, indicators, etc..

  • Perform simulation of various probable scenario

  • Influence product development, strategy and roadmap prioritization

Qualifications & Experiences

  • 10+ Years in Data Visualization and Dashboards for the corporate sector

  • MS / Phd Degree or equivalent experience in computer science, Machine Learning or Data Analytics

  • Understand the UX Challenges in the Machine Learning Industry

  • Have a proven track record in Effective communicator and storyteller

  • Understand Design Thinking methodologies

  • Able to produce storyboards, and communicate the user experience to clients/team members.

  • Solid art and design background. Passionate in creating innovative and intuitive designs.

  • Excellent illustration skills and visual communication techniques.

  • Understand web and mobile designs from functional usability perspectives. From this able to design well-thought out UIs.

  • Understand technologies that complement UI design, e.g. responsive designs, restful APIs, form widgets, AJAX, etc.

  • Understand data visualization and can design for data-driven applications.

  • Strong Knowledge of Python, PHP, & Javascript are a must.

  • Experience with computer programs such as STATA, R, and MatLab

  • Strong understanding of social science statistical methods

  • Proven experience in data analysis methodology or statistics

  • Capability in understanding various data structures and formats and common techniques in data transformation

  • Experience extracting and combining information rich features

  • Data manipulation, exploration, analysis, and data integrity

  • Proven experience in developing functional applications and systems of medium to high technical complexity is required


Work closely with the CTO and the data science team and lead the NLP team to build product ready solution. From prototyping to customer final delivery. You will help to design and implement our language understanding module to assess business meeting efficiency and participants performance.


  • More than 70%+ of the time spent on coding and/or hands-on technical implementation and provide guidance & manage junior developers and interns (30%).

  • Drive innovation by building rapid prototypes for experimentation

  • Leveraging statistics, natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) techniques to create scalable solutions for business problems, customer engagement and personalized solutions

  • Collaborating directly with universities, research institutes and industry experts in the field to leverage their guidance and expertise to solve customer needs

  • Analyzing and extracting relevant information from our dataset (structured and unstructured) to help define customer needs and solutions

  • Design, build, and maintain the API’s and the Platform

  • Write efficient, modular, and reusable libraries and abstractions

  • Design and build internal tooling to improve development efficiency

  • Find and solve performance issues

  • Participate in code reviews

Qualifications & Experiences

  • 10+ Years of experience in ML and NLP with a focus on focus on discourse and dialogue systems

  • Entrepreneur mindset

  • Computer Science degree in related field

  • Must have worked with NLP tools such as Stanford NLP, NLTK, SpaCy, Word2Vec and other related open-source libraries.

  • Strong with Python, C++, Java

  • Design and implement machine learning pipelines

  • Recommend machine learning algorithms as well as suitable modifications

  • Capacity build your own algorithms, libraries and train proper models.

  • Work with structured and unstructured data, data modelling and text mining

  • Able to read Scientific paper and convert to code.

  • Knowledgeable of NLP Concept: Entity Linking, Entity Extraction, Causality & inference, topic modelling, phonology, phonetics, syntax, semantics, ontology.

Work in team and lead the design & integration of our internal API’s and Microservices


  • Design and support the implementation and integration of software components between our Machine Learning modules and our back-end

  • Integrate external API’s

  • Write well designed, testable, efficient code by using proven, current software development practices

  • Gather and refine specifications and requirements based on business and/or technical needs

  • Create and maintain software documentation

  • Participate and lead code review sessions within the team

  • Perform QA & bug fixing.

Qualifications & Experiences

  • 10+ years' experience in software development using Python

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset

  • Past experience with designing API’s

  • Thorough technical knowledge in software development methodologies, design (design patterns) and implementation

  • Familiar with Continuous Integration

  • Expert knowledge of SQL and noSQL database management (e.g. MySQL & MongoDB)

  • Strong testing experience with Test Driven Development (TDD), mocking, IoC concepts

  • Knowledge of Unit Testing and Mocking frameworks